Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winx Season 6 Transformation 2 Name:Mythix!

So according the reliable Italian news source MovieTele the Winx's second transformation will be called "Mythix" the name is nothing special but it also sounds like it will be interesting to attain.
Above is an image of the transformation, it does look a bit simple to me. Let's hope not all the Winx look the exact same though.

Grazie ai consigli di Eldora, le Winx partiranno alla ricerca di oggetti magici e viaggeranno nel Mar dei Caraibi, nelle foreste canadesi e in tanti altri luoghi meravigliosi, nel tentativo di forgiare la chiave che chiuderà per sempre il Legendarium. Per riuscire nella loro impresa, le Winx otterranno il potere Mythix col quale salveranno l'Universo Magico.

Thanks to the advice of Eldora, the Winx leave in search of magical items, and traveling in the Caribbean Sea, in the Canadian forests and many other wonderful places in an attempt to forge the key that will close forever Legendarium. In order to succeed in their venture, the Winx will gain the power with which Mythix save the Magical Universe.

Here is the article source link since I was getting complaints about my news sources: Click here!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winx Spread The Love Halfpose PNG Artwork!

 Here's the Winx Spread The Love (Cafe) halfpose Artwork as a small gift for ya'll to enjoy! :) It's been spread around the internet so I have permission to share it with you, if you have request of artwork you want me to share in particular and I have it to share I'll be happy to share it. Please do note however I am not allowed to share everything as many are from a source which I can't share. 
 Hope you all enjoy this Spread The Love Artwork, and make good use of it! :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Winx Club Season 6 Info! Transformation, Plots and Villians!

iTunes released the Season 6 Episode online with this information: 

"Get ready for more magical adventures with the Winx Club in these 13 enchanted episodes from season 6! Join Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Aisha and Musa as they work together to earn their new Bloomix Power! When the evil Trix team up with a new witch, Selina, trouble begins brewing. Selina sends evil Treants to attack the Winx- stripping them of their powers! Will the Winx be able to defeat the Treants and earn their new Bloomix Power? The journey continues as the Winx battle mummies, evil dragons, vampires, spiritual creatures and more otherworldly enemies! At the same time, Selina is sending Sphinx and Fire Eaters to attack! Can the Winx put a stop to Selina and defeat the endless evil she is sending their way? Don’t miss this exciting season full of magic, friendship, courage and more!"

So the new transformation is in fact called, Bloomix. I am really annoyed they've done this because with this name they may as well title the show Bloom Club. Bloom is the focus of everything and now her name is the transformation name too...Not cool Rainbow and Nickelodeon! 

But aside from the name the other information looks great and gives some insight into this season. Make sure to check it out. Thanks for reading and make sure to share some comments on this. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winx Club Gets Ready to Spread Magic at Brand Licensing Expo 2013!

Winx Club is the popular brand that has over 15 million viewers every day through 115 broadcasters worldwide. The property includes over 130 enchanting animated episodes and two feature films, follows the adventures of a group of young fairies, combining action adventure comedy. Winx Club has an enthusiastic response among girls aged 4 to 10 to the tween / teen and boasts over 500 dealers across a number of categories with more than 6000 products developed.
 Fans will have an amazing surprise next year when it will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Winx Club , which offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary success of this much loved property for girls.
Many surprises in Serbia, starting with the new content. The sixth series is expected globally with 26 episodes and a sumptuous mix 2D and 3D animation; also a third film is currently in production - news that will pleasantly surprise fans all over the world. The timing of the anniversary is also full of activity thanks to an extensive program of events, promotions and strategic partnerships designed to engage all markets.
The fun continues on interactive field: fans from every corner of the globe can now attend the University of Alpheus thanks to the multiplayer game 'Winx Fairy School', which will be alnciato next Christmas.

Last but not least, the first e-commerce site dedicated to the Winx Club will open in autumn 2013 with exclusive products and activities dedicated to European audiences and Russian.

One of the core strengths of the brand Winx Club is its appeal for fashion and original style - a clear expression of how the 'Made in Italy' also has an effect in the world of animation. This power fashion is an integral part of the status of the brand, one of the most popular girls property in Europe, and is made possible thanks to the flexibility of Rainbow and professionalism in the field of fashion, with the ability to generate style guide available to meet all demands of the market, supporting the licensing partner with its internal department of Fashion Style.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winx Club Season 6 Promotional Trailer!

I was not expecting them to be releasing this already, I would've thought they would at least wait a year. It is exciting never the less, and this season looks like it has an interesting plot, very different from the past. Can't wait for it!
Check it out, and share what you think about it in the comments!

Nickelodeon's Winx Club:Toy Fair Sizzle! HD!

This is the Sizzle below.
Looks like Nickelodeon has a lot planned for Winx Club coming up, it is about time we start getting some hype for the series again cause before it was loosing many fans interest with long hiatus without any promotion or acknowledgement.  
It also confirms we are finishing Season 5 this fall and getting Season 6 this fall which is cool because I am not sure the show could handle another long hiatus like before. 
 What do you all think of what is to come for Winx Club?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Winx Still Going Strong On 10th Anniversary!

Ischia, July 22 - Six teenage fairies who have won the hearts of girls around the globe - the Winx Club - were celebrated at the Ischia Global Fest film and music festival on Sunday. The businessman and cartoonist who invented the Winx fairies, Iginio Straffi, and his team at Rainbow S.r.l., were awarded for the animated heroines who are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The Winx Club is a group of fairies who study magic at a school in the world of Alfea. They dress like hip teenagers, tussle with adolescent-type problems and frequently save the world from the powers of evil. Still going strong after a decade in stores and on screens around the world, Straffi confessed that his dream was "to turn the Winx into new the Barbies, cult dolls beloved by many generations, familiar objects not only to the littlest, but also icons to collect". Rainbow has become Europe's largest television animation studio, generating retail sales of 3.5 billion euros, and ranking 11th in the world for licensing, with 356 licensees, Straffi said. The Winx Club is broadcast in 150 countries. Fifty million Winx dolls have been sold. But Straffi noted that the Winx have come to appeal to a younger market over the years. The Winx were once aimed at girls aged five to twelve, but fans now tend to be four to eight years old, after which girls now gravitate to real-life characters on television series, Straffi said. Straffi plans to win back older girls and young women using the 10th anniversary for nostalgia, relaunching vintage dolls as collectors' items. 
After two Winx movies, plus another in production, Straffi is conceiving a new film project with Winx fairies interpreted by real actors. "It will be done sooner or later," Straffi said. The cartoonist recalled how stoking the brand has been a constant - and not always successful - effort over the years. "In some countries the phenomenon has never waned, while in other territories (the Winx) have been gradually overtaken. "We've managed to renew these fairies with stories and themes that are always new or current, like ecology, respect for nature, or even nature mythology. "Adding to the renewal, there have also been ice shows, plus live and cinematic productions that have made the brand grow year after year," said Straffi. In 2010, the animated TV series inspired Italy's first-ever feature film using the 3D technology that helped make Avatar into the highest-grossing movie worldwide. The Winx Club is on its sixth television series on Italy's main public television station, RAI 1, but at least one key to the future, Straffi said, rests with handheld computers: "We are developing (products for) the interactive world and the Web, because even the smallest use the tablet". 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Matt Shively Tweets First Look at Season 6!

Season 5 hasn't even finished and we already have our first look at Season 6!
Matt Shively on Twitter and Instagram posted this photo for his recording session for Sky in 601. In the photo we see Daphne and Timmy, which is exciting because it looks like Daphne will play a role in Season 6. The first episode of Season 6 according to his script is tentatively titled "Inspiration of Sirenix" and this can easily change. Also be sure to take a look at the script it looks like Bloom and Sky haven't been spending quality time together, yet again.
What do you all think of this news? What do you think of the tentative title? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Winx Trix Dark Sirenix Dolls Jakks!

These are amazing, Jakks did such a good job for these, I can not wait to add these to my collection. There outfits are so detailed and like the show which makes them awesome.Also it is awesome seeing Darcy and Stormy dolls, there were some before from Giochi but in my opinions those weren't all that great. These have all the details done right, the only thing I find weird is the tentacles it looks more like wings then tentacles to me.

Here is a look at the back of the packaging! 
This collection should be in stores later this Summer because they were shipped with the Winx Sirenix dolls in June, but there may be issues so this can easily change but be sure to be on the look out.
Will you be adding these 3 Dark Sirenix witches to your collections? What do you think of these 3? 

Winx Jakks Sirenix Collection Dolls!

Here is our first look at the Jakks Winx Sirenix dolls. I think Jakks did an amazing job on these dolls and I know for a fact from a recent email from Jakks that these dolls will have a new hair which will be better quality. As you can see they have a new type of wings, and I think this is because the other wings weren't practical for the water feature these dolls will be having.
 I really like the idea of the shoes being like little boots with fins on them since it is practical for people to display and play. The outfits also look wonderful and are detailed like the show, the hair looks pretty and simple, I think Jakks did this so you can decide how you want the hair to look.
 Here is a look at the back of the packaging!
 These dolls should be coming soon, according with Jakks they were meant to be shipped out in late June but there may be delays so be sure to check your stores for these. 
Will you be getting these dolls? What do you think of them?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Winx Limited Edtion Daphne Doll Jakks!

It's that time of year again, and the Comic-Con is right around the corner. And Jakks Pacific and Winx Club have created a new Limited Edition doll, Daphne!
 Daphne will be at the Comic-Con which will be taking place from July 18-21st, but will also be available for online sale on July 18th from Toy's R Us. She is a limited doll with only 1000 units so you will want to be sure to get your hands on one of these Daphne dolls! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Winx Club Sirenix Fashion Dolls Collection!

Here is the Winx Club Sirenix Fairy product packaging image.  These dolls will come with a exclusive membership card, and many other features. (These are not the Jakks Pacific dolls, these are the Witty Toys collection which will be sold throughout most of Europe. The Jakks will be in the UK and US.)
So these are the new Winx Club Sirenix dolls from Witty Toys. As you can see these are a mix between the Jakks Pacific dolls and the Witty Toys dolls, they have the Jakks Pacific legs, faces and wings but the rest of the features are that of Witty Toys. I think these dolls are very pretty and I think they've done a wonderful job on them, they have gorgeous faces but the outfits are also really cute. The wings as usual are nice, and it is interesting what they have done with the shoes, they added fins to them like in the series. 
I do think that they are missing a few things like the hair styles are not correct and for Bloom she is missing her hair piece and they are missing their arm straps which they need to have. But overall I think these dolls were done very well and I can not wait for them to hit stores shelves, I also can't wait to see the Jakks Pacific versions of these dolls. These are scheduled to hit shelves in Fall of 2013 this year so make sure to look around for them.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Winx Club Fashion Dolls In Philippines Market!

Looks like Witty Toys has decided to give the Believix collection a little update with new packaging and the hair dye that is included with the dolls. You can now find these dolls in the Philippines as well so make sure to visit your local toy store to find these on shelves this Summer. And in Fall 2013 find the Sirenix collection from the new 5th season of Winx Club. 
Winx Club Magical Hair Believix Fairy Product Description: 
 The Winx Magical Hair Fairy which lets kids play with their favorite Winx doll and get to color and style their long beautiful hair. It contains two hair creams to change hair color of your doll and a butterfly comb. You can also get the Winx Believix and Winx Harmonix dolls at your favorite toy stores nationwide!
 This article was sponsored and is endorsed by Richprime Global Incorporated
RICHPRIME GLOBAL INC. is the leading distributor of branded children's products in the Philippines. Like their page on Facebook, RICHWELL CLUB and visit their website www.richprime.net.