Thursday, July 4, 2013

Winx Trix Dark Sirenix Dolls Jakks!

These are amazing, Jakks did such a good job for these, I can not wait to add these to my collection. There outfits are so detailed and like the show which makes them awesome.Also it is awesome seeing Darcy and Stormy dolls, there were some before from Giochi but in my opinions those weren't all that great. These have all the details done right, the only thing I find weird is the tentacles it looks more like wings then tentacles to me.

Here is a look at the back of the packaging! 
This collection should be in stores later this Summer because they were shipped with the Winx Sirenix dolls in June, but there may be issues so this can easily change but be sure to be on the look out.
Will you be adding these 3 Dark Sirenix witches to your collections? What do you think of these 3? 


  1. WOW! O.O I can't believe how well detailed these dolls are! I <3 them! They came out so well! But the tentacles totally look like wings. I think it's okay though cause it would be kind of weird to have a doll with plastic tentacles sticking out of it's back.

  2. All of them look super cool! I would definitely buy Darcy and probably Stormy. While Icy looks pretty good, I might just not buy her because of how bad she was this season. I like how they actually managed to pull off Stormy's big hair!

    I love the expression they used for Stormy's display face. Something tells me that annoyed look came from watching Icy and Tritannus a few too many times (just like the fanbase!)...

  3. Omg I love these dolls I showed my parents and my dad said he was going to bye my one.. I'm,glad jakks is using diff hair. I,love them and now.there on,my Christmas list

  4. They are wings. Evil wings if u look at the packing

  5. I can see they are wings on the back O.o