Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The #World of Winx" 2nd transformation "Onirix" revealed!

Lately, Michael's Winx Club shared a brand new picture of the WOW season 2 directly from the Las Vegas Licensing expo! It shows the brand new transformation in WOW. The transformation name is Onirix! Are you exited?! Stay Winx-Tuned for more upcoming Winx news on my blog!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The 2nd season of "World of Winx" is on its way and will be out by next month!

The season 2 of "World of Winx" is coming in the 16th of June on Netflix and is set to come in September on Rai Gulp Italy! Are you exited Winxers? I hope that we'll get new people and see old characters from Winx Club. I also wish to see a new transformation! Share your opinions in comments and be sure to stay tuned on my blog for more upcoming Winx news!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Will there be a second transformation in the 2nd World of Winx season?

The "World of Winx" series which is available on Netflix will have a second season as the deal between Rainbow S.r.l. and Netflix said. The show got good results for the first season and was well received by Winx fans. "Dreamix" was the first transformation for this spin-of. But, it seems we may get a second one! Some promotional contacts said: "Dreamix is the first transformation from WOW! Help the Winx in their mission to save the talents from the talent-thief." Does that mean we will get a new transformation in the second season? I think so! Give your opinions in comments, share with your friends and stay Winx-Tuned on our blog for more news coming!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

New World of Winx and Winx Club dolls to come later this year!

New photos of new Winx dolls were leaked lately this week. To be honest, I was expecting the dolls to be way better but this is what we got. Let's begin with the World of Winx (WOW) dolls:
-The "Spy Action": It seems that only Bloom will be available in this line. A Bloom Spy doll which makes some sounds, one spy glove and a hairbrush. It also has removable wings and articulations.

-Forever Fashion: This line will include all the Winx girls. Each doll will come with some accessories and removable wings.

-Dreamix Fairy: The Dreamix tranformation doll collection will have the 6 Winx fairies. Each doll will have 7 articulation points, an interchangeable dress and removable wings.

-The WOW camper: It will include a transformable camper, removable wings, a bracelet, one blackboard, a pen with a torch and a table with one bright map

-Style Magic: This collection includes all the Winx. Every doll of it has articuled legs and arms. It also comes with a brush and plastic wings. 

And now, the season 7 doll:

-My Bloom Tynix Doll: A giant 90 cm doll which comes with big wings.

All those Winx dolls will be available later this year! Stay Winx-Tuned for more news!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Future Winx Updates + Follow @jordandrent on Instagram!

Hi Winxers, I am the admin Jordan and I will be taking a leave of absence, in my place a new admin will be posting more frequently. Fellow fans & friends if you would like to keep in touch or contact me, follow me on Instagram here: 
More HD exclusives will come soon... Xoxo

Hey guys. I am the new admin. Lately, I did an interview with  Jordan so I wanted to share it with you. Be sure to give your opinions about it in the comments. Enjoy!
1- How did you know that you like Winx?
I started watching it when I was 5 and I loved magic so I automatically connected.
2- Which Winx was your favorite, and why?
My favorite Winx is Musa because she is tough and doesn't put up with anything.
3- Why did you create the MagixJourney social medias?
I made MagixJourney because for awhile it was a hobby to blog and once it became popular I stuck with it for a while.
4- What is your favorite Winx transformation, and season?
Season 3 is my favorite season and for the transformation, Enchantix.
5- Finally, since you left the Winx fandom, does Winx still have a part in your heart?
Winx will always be a part of my life even if I don't watch it anymore.
Do not forget to follow @jordandrent on Instagram and join his Magix Journey!

I will post many news very soon so stay Winx-Tuned!