Saturday, April 29, 2017

New World of Winx and Winx Club dolls to come later this year!

New photos of new Winx dolls were leaked lately this week. To be honest, I was expecting the dolls to be way better but this is what we got. Let's begin with the World of Winx (WOW) dolls:
-The "Spy Action": It seems that only Bloom will be available in this line. A Bloom Spy doll which makes some sounds, one spy glove and a hairbrush. It also has removable wings and articulations.

-Forever Fashion: This line will include all the Winx girls. Each doll will come with some accessories and removable wings.

-Dreamix Fairy: The Dreamix tranformation doll collection will have the 6 Winx fairies. Each doll will have 7 articulation points, an interchangeable dress and removable wings.

-The WOW camper: It will include a transformable camper, removable wings, a bracelet, one blackboard, a pen with a torch and a table with one bright map

-Style Magic: This collection includes all the Winx. Every doll of it has articuled legs and arms. It also comes with a brush and plastic wings. 

And now, the season 7 doll:

-My Bloom Tynix Doll: A giant 90 cm doll which comes with big wings.

All those Winx dolls will be available later this year! Stay Winx-Tuned for more news!

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  1. Actually the Style Magic dolls are from WOW, not season 7... these are the dresses the girls wear when Ace invites them to the studio of Wow show and demands them do lots of tests