Saturday, April 29, 2017

New World of Winx and Winx Club dolls to come later this year!

New photos of new Winx dolls were leaked lately this week. To be honest, I was expecting the dolls to be way better but this is what we got. Let's begin with the World of Winx (WOW) dolls:
-The "Spy Action": It seems that only Bloom will be available in this line. A Bloom Spy doll which makes some sounds, one spy glove and a hairbrush. It also has removable wings and articulations.

-Forever Fashion: This line will include all the Winx girls. Each doll will come with some accessories and removable wings.

-Dreamix Fairy: The Dreamix tranformation doll collection will have the 6 Winx fairies. Each doll will have 7 articulation points, an interchangeable dress and removable wings.

-The WOW camper: It will include a transformable camper, removable wings, a bracelet, one blackboard, a pen with a torch and a table with one bright map

-Style Magic: This collection includes all the Winx. Every doll of it has articuled legs and arms. It also comes with a brush and plastic wings. 

And now, the season 7 doll:

-My Bloom Tynix Doll: A giant 90 cm doll which comes with big wings.

All those Winx dolls will be available later this year! Stay Winx-Tuned for more news!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Future Winx Updates + Follow @jordandrent on Instagram!

Hi Winxers, I am the admin Jordan and I will be taking a leave of absence, in my place a new admin will be posting more frequently. Fellow fans & friends if you would like to keep in touch or contact me, follow me on Instagram here: 
More HD exclusives will come soon... Xoxo

Hey guys. I am the new admin. Lately, I did an interview with  Jordan so I wanted to share it with you. Be sure to give your opinions about it in the comments. Enjoy!
1- How did you know that you like Winx?
I started watching it when I was 5 and I loved magic so I automatically connected.
2- Which Winx was your favorite, and why?
My favorite Winx is Musa because she is tough and doesn't put up with anything.
3- Why did you create the MagixJourney social medias?
I made MagixJourney because for awhile it was a hobby to blog and once it became popular I stuck with it for a while.
4- What is your favorite Winx transformation, and season?
Season 3 is my favorite season and for the transformation, Enchantix.
5- Finally, since you left the Winx fandom, does Winx still have a part in your heart?
Winx will always be a part of my life even if I don't watch it anymore.
Do not forget to follow @jordandrent on Instagram and join his Magix Journey!

I will post many news very soon so stay Winx-Tuned!