Friday, December 28, 2012

New Winx Club Jakks Pacific Doll Collections Fall 2013!

Hey guys,
So I got an email from Jakks Pacific not to long ago and they mentioned a few new lines of dolls they would be releasing in 2013. Here they are.
 Winx Club Sailor/Yacht  Themed Collection!

Winx Club Season 5 In Concert Collection!

Also there are the Sirenix collections coming in 2013. The Trix collection and the Winx collection. I can confirm as of now the Winx collection is not planed as an exclusive so you can find all 6 Sirenix dolls in all stores. The Trix pack is planned as an exclusive as of now. 
Winx Club Sirenix Collection!

Winx Club Trix Sirenix Collection!

I also wanted to thank Rainbow S.r.l and Winx Club for the amazing Christmas gifts and wishes. I really do appreciate it and I love each gift I recieved from you.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012