Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winx Club Magical Adventure 3D On Nickelodeon US! May 2013!

So it looks like we will be getting the film in May which is really exciting news. I can't wait to see what changes Nickelodeon has made and what's new in the movie.

Here is the plot summary -
Reunited with her birth parents, Oritel and Marion, Bloom discovers what it's like to live as a princess of Domino. Adding to her joy at being with her parents is the upcoming Princess Ball, which Sky has asked Bloom to attend with him! But Bloom's happiness is short lived when Sky is forbidden by his own father to escort her. Meanwhile, the evil Ancestral Witches who had once destroyed Domino join forces with the Trix - Icy, Darcy, and Stormy - to erase all positive magic from the Magic Dimension. To reverse the effects of the Witches' devastating reign of darkness, the Winx and Specialists must travel to the cursed city of Avram and come face to face with the Trix and Ancestral Witches. Only by defeating the witches can the Winx restore the positive magic in the entire
So the plot has some big changes in it from what we can tell and according to ITunes it will be only be 45 minutes long for it to air on Nickelodeon as a 1-Hour special I presume. I hope this doesn't affect the film too much since I really wanted to see the full story and understand how it fits for the series plot.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Winx Club Sirenix, Mermaid and Sweet Fairy Dolls by Witty Toys!

Winx Club Sirenix Dolls!  
So these dolls are not my favorite, for one they have the Believix hair which is not okay at all.  Also the outfits are all the same to me it's like they only changed the color scheme but not the actual patterns. Also Bloom has a very strange hair style it's not her Sirenix hair style but it is also not her Believix hair style, it is just a random hair style which doesn't look very nice on her. Even though the outfits are all the same I do give them props them, the outfits are still pretty cute and I like that they match to the series pretty well, and that they aren't painted on but in fact actually fabrics on the dolls. I don't think these are actually completed dolls, they look more like prototypes because of the hair.

Winx Club Mermaid Dolls! 
 I again really am not a big fan of these dolls they just are not nice at all and I don't see the point to making them.I mean I get that they wanted to continue the underwater theme from season 5 but I just think these dolls are really far from the series. And they just are not detailed the outfits looks like plain pieces of fabric, they could've shown some details from the scales or added shades of colors to it. The hair I actually like for this line a lot because it is unique but Bloom is starting to look like Merida from Brave which is not bad but just a little weird. I also think that the tails look really boring they look like pieces of paper to me which is not good at all. Again these may be prototypes so we should wait to see what is in stores later this year.
Stella Sweet Fairy Exclusive Doll! 
This is the Exclusive Stella Sweet Fairy doll she is really pretty to me, I love her outfit and how detailed she looks. This is the quality all the dolls should be produced in, not just the exclusives. I do wonder what this exclusive is going to be for, since the it's produced for Europe and not America. Her tights and shoes are adorable and I love her outfit especially all those ruffles are just so gorgeous. I think making an exclusive doll was a cool idea but I really wonder what event or place this doll is made for.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rainbow Inks Multiple International Broadcast Sales!

In the lead-up to MIPTV next week, Italian producer, distributor and licensor Rainbow has secured a raft of new TV deals for its series Winx Club, Mia and Me and Huntik.
It will also offer a sneak-peek of the brand new 26-episode sixth season of Winx Club in Cannes. The new season of the CGI-animated series for kids ages four to 12, a co-production with Nickelodeon, is set to air in spring 2014.
International broadcasters signing new deals for the property include Brazil’s SBT (season five), Disney Spain (all five seasons comprising of 130 episodes), and in Asia, Malaysia’s NTV7 and Singapore’s okto have also snapped up season five along with the theatrical Winx Club movies.
Additional Winx Club renewals for all seasons include deals with Noga (Isreal), CroNova Tv (Croatia) and Canal Panda (Portugal). France’s Neomobile has also picked up the digital distribution rights for smartphones for Winx Club and the boy-skewing Huntik.
Rounding out the new deals, Spain’s Clan TVE and Belgium’s RTBF have picked up the girl-targeting fantasy series Mia and Me while Mexico’s Televisa has taken PopPixie and Megamax has acquired Huntik for Eastern Europe.