Monday, September 30, 2013

Winx Club Season 6 Info! Transformation, Plots and Villians!

iTunes released the Season 6 Episode online with this information: 

"Get ready for more magical adventures with the Winx Club in these 13 enchanted episodes from season 6! Join Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Aisha and Musa as they work together to earn their new Bloomix Power! When the evil Trix team up with a new witch, Selina, trouble begins brewing. Selina sends evil Treants to attack the Winx- stripping them of their powers! Will the Winx be able to defeat the Treants and earn their new Bloomix Power? The journey continues as the Winx battle mummies, evil dragons, vampires, spiritual creatures and more otherworldly enemies! At the same time, Selina is sending Sphinx and Fire Eaters to attack! Can the Winx put a stop to Selina and defeat the endless evil she is sending their way? Don’t miss this exciting season full of magic, friendship, courage and more!"

So the new transformation is in fact called, Bloomix. I am really annoyed they've done this because with this name they may as well title the show Bloom Club. Bloom is the focus of everything and now her name is the transformation name too...Not cool Rainbow and Nickelodeon! 

But aside from the name the other information looks great and gives some insight into this season. Make sure to check it out. Thanks for reading and make sure to share some comments on this. 


  1. Bloomix cannot be a transformation about Bloom!
    I think it's coming from the word 'blooming'.
    It also means in greek brave, and warrior.
    And the first (2D) transformation from the trailer, looks like a warrior!

  2. I love the winx and all but seriously a transformation called Bloomix is not really an exciting name. I saw the episode aired in the USA on Nov 3, and I have to say if what happended is anything to go by then I would the name would have to do with those power crystals they got not Bloom or even about the outfits making them look like warriors or something.

  3. Bloomix is not based on Bloom. It is called Bloomix because Bloom gave the Winx part of the dragon flame after they lost their powers in episode 3 of season 6.

    1. Then it should be called Flamix or sth else.

  4. It is probably called "Bloomix' because at the end of "The Ledgendarium" Bloom gives the winx part of her power and they are able to get a new transformation. DO YOU NOT KNOW YOUR WINX CLUB PEOPLEEE!!!!!!!

  5. Why do they have to delay the fourth episode of season 6 to the first day of December? i have been waiting to see the new episode after catching up. I want to know what will happen in the next episode by watching it. This is so not cool having to wait for a single episode to air. Come on Nick! and Rainbow!

  6. Okay seriously? The transformation has nothing to do with Bloom! As some people stated above its because Bloom gave a piece of her Dragon Flame to the others. Did you not pay attention to the end of episode 3? If your going to make a statement like that the least you could do is know your facts correctly.
    The new transformation is due to the DRAGON FLAME NOT BLOOM! The Dragon Flame evolves into a new power. The girls gain a new power or bloom. Also the transformation looks like that of a warrior not Bloom!

  7. do you really no the winx bloom splits her power in to 6 because her can not be lost she has the dragon flame, now lets go back in time to season 3 bloom takes on the water stars that almost killed her takes on darcar kills him and risks her life for magix, now in the lost kingdom bloom takes on the tree ancestral which's with the help of Daphne (her sister) and frees her kingdom. now in season 1 the trix "steels" blooms power but she takes them on. she is the most power full fairy ever and don't forget that she will always have her power with the help of the winx's, Daphne and sky the ones who love her and the ones she loves. I rest my case

  8. No Actually The name is probably "Bloomix" Because its maybe like fairy powers xD

  9. ok just speculation, but the greek bloom for warrior is most likely right, the transformations look like the girls are in armour, and if you look ahead they will evolve to mythix. this suggests that bloomix is a transformation related to the dragon flame and any fairy that poses a piece of the dragon flame can obtain it with an act of courage, proof that they are worthy of the warrior transformation. warriors need courage to survive.