Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Winx Club Gets Ready to Spread Magic at Brand Licensing Expo 2013!

Winx Club is the popular brand that has over 15 million viewers every day through 115 broadcasters worldwide. The property includes over 130 enchanting animated episodes and two feature films, follows the adventures of a group of young fairies, combining action adventure comedy. Winx Club has an enthusiastic response among girls aged 4 to 10 to the tween / teen and boasts over 500 dealers across a number of categories with more than 6000 products developed.
 Fans will have an amazing surprise next year when it will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Winx Club , which offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary success of this much loved property for girls.
Many surprises in Serbia, starting with the new content. The sixth series is expected globally with 26 episodes and a sumptuous mix 2D and 3D animation; also a third film is currently in production - news that will pleasantly surprise fans all over the world. The timing of the anniversary is also full of activity thanks to an extensive program of events, promotions and strategic partnerships designed to engage all markets.
The fun continues on interactive field: fans from every corner of the globe can now attend the University of Alpheus thanks to the multiplayer game 'Winx Fairy School', which will be alnciato next Christmas.

Last but not least, the first e-commerce site dedicated to the Winx Club will open in autumn 2013 with exclusive products and activities dedicated to European audiences and Russian.

One of the core strengths of the brand Winx Club is its appeal for fashion and original style - a clear expression of how the 'Made in Italy' also has an effect in the world of animation. This power fashion is an integral part of the status of the brand, one of the most popular girls property in Europe, and is made possible thanks to the flexibility of Rainbow and professionalism in the field of fashion, with the ability to generate style guide available to meet all demands of the market, supporting the licensing partner with its internal department of Fashion Style.


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