Thursday, June 13, 2013

Winx Club Sirenix Fashion Dolls Collection!

Here is the Winx Club Sirenix Fairy product packaging image.  These dolls will come with a exclusive membership card, and many other features. (These are not the Jakks Pacific dolls, these are the Witty Toys collection which will be sold throughout most of Europe. The Jakks will be in the UK and US.)
So these are the new Winx Club Sirenix dolls from Witty Toys. As you can see these are a mix between the Jakks Pacific dolls and the Witty Toys dolls, they have the Jakks Pacific legs, faces and wings but the rest of the features are that of Witty Toys. I think these dolls are very pretty and I think they've done a wonderful job on them, they have gorgeous faces but the outfits are also really cute. The wings as usual are nice, and it is interesting what they have done with the shoes, they added fins to them like in the series. 
I do think that they are missing a few things like the hair styles are not correct and for Bloom she is missing her hair piece and they are missing their arm straps which they need to have. But overall I think these dolls were done very well and I can not wait for them to hit stores shelves, I also can't wait to see the Jakks Pacific versions of these dolls. These are scheduled to hit shelves in Fall of 2013 this year so make sure to look around for them.


  1. Wow! Witty Toys did a fantastic job on these dolls! I want them already! <3 Aside from the a few missing details like you pointed out, I think they came out really nice! Musa is my favorite in this collection! (Now I wonder what will take longer to come out, Tecna and Musa Sirenix dolls or Harmonix dolls. I can't belive we're still waiting for the Harmonix ones!)

    Oh, would you mind if I posted something about these dolls on my blog? I won't take your images and I'll give you full credit for everything!