Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Winx Club Season 4 Finale This Sunday @ 12/11c!

Hey there I just wanted to remind everyone that this Sunday is the season 4 finale in in the US on Nickelodeon :) I also wanted to ask some questions. What do you think is coming next?...
Will it be the 2nd movie or will we have to wait til season 5 airs and then get the 2nd movie? 
I personally have made a theory myself of what is gonna happen, I think the movie will be air when season 5 goes on break before the Winx attain their Harmonix transformation. 
That way any mystery with Nabu can be solved and other plot holes could be fixed in season 5.
Just a theory though, let me know your thoughts :)


  1. I have not watched the second movie in a while due to the major plot holes. Every time I would watched it, I would spend time trying to make everything fit. Even if they air the second movie mid Season 5, there will still be minor plot holes. Example, Bloom does not know how to ride a horse in the second movie, yet she knew how to ride one in Season 4. Another question the movie brings up is what happened to Love and Pet?

    Rainbow better clean up the time line. The second movie seems to take place right after the first movie, but the only problem with that is that the girls have their Believix.

  2. That would actually be a better decision to make.
    But in order for it to Work Nabu has to be revived before the Girls earn their Harmonix because they are in Believix form in the movie.