Friday, July 20, 2012

Jakks Pacific Winx Club Toyline Unvieling! 2012! New York!

So as most of you have seen Michael from Michael's Winx Club posted that he had sent someone in his place to the exclusive Jakks Pacific Winx Club Toy line Unveiling...That person was me.
The event was from 3:00pm-6:00pm, it was an exclusive invite only event. If it weren't for Michael I could have never attended. So I would like to give a super special thank you to Michael (Go to his site it is amazing.) Here is a breakdown of what was at the event.
  • There was a lot of food, they had cheese,crackers and they had brownies and delicious cupcakes.
  • They also had a lot of little girls at the event, they were adorable. They all go to get fairy make-overs and out on their favorite fairy outfits. One girl had red hair and she was wearing Bloom's outfit and looked just like Bloom. 
  • Girls also had the chance to get manicures and put make-up on.
  • There was also a DJ there she had music playing and had a cool set-up.
  • Also there was a real Frutti Music Bar there. You could get smoothies which were customizable to what you wanted. 
  • The event also had a large area filled with giveaway bags. In these bags you'd get one Believix doll and the Jakks Pacific Winx Club microphone. Little girls also got to keep the costumes that they wore.
  • At the event they also had a bit of a Winx 'pink' carpet set up there you could take photos with others at the event and take photos yourself. The people at the event then printed the photos and put them in a little Winx case for fans to keep. I took a few photos with people from Jakks myself.
  •  Last but not least the event had such an amazing sweet set of people there and once again I'd like to thank Michael for making this possible as it means a lot to me. 
Photos from the event that are copyrighted from my camera will be posted soon.
This information is exclusive and if seen anywhere else aside from Michael's Winx Club and my site then it has been stolen from us. So please do not steal.

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  1. I'm curious, since you've seen the wings up close for children's cosplay (They have them available online here in Canada, but I haven't seen them in stores) do you think they would be big enough to put on a child who is 55 inches tall? Because that's the height of my nearly 8 year old. I'm trying to figure out if I want to buy the wings or make them myself.