Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winx Club Ratings Not Doing Too Good On Nickelodeon US!

  Recently it has come to my attention that Winx Club has been getting some pretty bad ratings on Nick and that is just not okay. If you want Winx Club to do well and continue then you need to tune in and not just wait for it to go online or record if you can you have to watch it because other wise the ratings are going to suffer. For those of you who post the episodes online please do not post it to sites like YouTube because they have millions of viewers fans will become dependent on watching it there and no longer watch it on television if you want to help your fellow fans from abroad or fans who don't have cable television then you should find them live streams to watch or wait for iTunes videos to come. Another big issue is the time slot I understand many fans can not be home to watch it at 1pm on Sundays which makes perfect sense. So I am thinking we need to get in contact with Nickelodeon and petition for a schedule change, on my part I will contact some friends at Rainbow Srl about changing this. I think a Friday night prime time slot would work much better because more people are at home and have the chance to watch the new episodes. 
If you have any ideas of what we as fans can do please let us know in the comments or by email. 

So to start off make sure to catch the brand new episode this Sunday this time the Winx will travel to Zenith for the first time ever which you won't wanna miss so tune in at 1pm on Nickelodeon. Here is a brief description of Sunday's episode.
The Gem of Empathy
The Winx search for the Gem of Empathy in Zenith. Meanwhile, Musa and Flora look after a volatile Stella.


  1. I think part of the reason we're losing views is because of the Italian episodes being posted ahead of us. People are simply watching those instead.

    A lot of people aren't putting effort into getting up to watch it when it airs as well. I force myself to be awake then to watch it though, haha.

    I think Nick needs to advertise for the show more and the time change really threw a lot of people off, since they didn't advertise it.

    As a fandom I think we should all try to catch the episodes on time and not wait for them to be uploaded. And if we watch the Italian versions, to watch the American version as well. Creating more hype for new episodes could work, as well.

  2. Its not Winx fault, its Nick. Winx is not the only show suffering on Nick, all other shows are to. Nick is just not doing a good job at promoting there shows, hence the low views for all their shows.

  3. ^I agree nick has ruined winx club with all the changes i don't ever like season 5 but i still think many fasn watch on youtube becuase they don't live in usa like me.and winx is not having many fans in usa only in europa many.

  4. I watched winx club seasons 1-3 (4kids version) loved it but since nick are co producing the new seasons i cant stand the voice actresses i think their horrible,i'm form the uk and it comes on at 7am on a saturday and sunday, as much as i love the winx club even I cant get up that early not even for the repeat at 8am it would have been better around mid day but its not up to me.

  5. Here in Brazil, we have Winx Episodes at Saturdays 9 am. And Nick reprise the episode on Sunday morning too!
    They didn't dubbed the opening and here we don't have nothing about winx club! :(
    We don't have the magazines anymore, nothing!!
    Recently we had the Believix and Love e Pet dolls, but they are sold out now!
    And we don't have nothing anymore! :(
    TO BAD!

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    1. when people cant wait they watch it in a different language like italian